Thursday, May 12, 2016

the voice from paul sunde, and philip hanlon, dartmouth college

Image result for philip hanlon 

Image result for philip hanlon 

a strange place,
a novel college

if not with tom and abey's appilcation,
ji and jiahong won't know dartmouth and hanover

if not with some parental advise and care from Heaven,
amelia and sheng won't agree to pay attention

if not with google and yahoo,
larry page, eric schmidt, marissa mayer, and jerry yang won't be posted by goce and sahakian

the day is clean, green, and sunny,
paul sunde decides to ask for details of a student so that he takes thomas, knowing kevin well

dartmouth college,
a fresh voice to hear

upon knowing that sam must fill out the form in person, by himself, and carries good attitude,
ruibo li, cynthia brown, rebecca Morris,  frank wang, eric wood, and philip hanlon anticipate

from stillwater, to okc,
from san francisco, to hanover, birds of wings strength, smiles bloom

a crescent girl, ari wood, aime wood, all knowing,
mark sunde, anita sunde, margaret sunde, marilyn hanlon, robert hanlon, and james hanlon

the emotion goes soft
when ou medical aircraft lifts our mood up to the skyline high near new hampshire state

Image result for ruibo li at ossm 
Image result for ruibo li at ossmImage result for ruibo li at ossm 


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