Thursday, December 24, 2015

short story slam week 35, Signs of Shopping,

short story slam week 35, Dece 17 to Janu 10, 2016

 Close up of bright yellow daffodils with the words "Woods Hole Colors"

the time wheels spin
lots of people opt for Christmas thing
a sparkling coat of a carp fin
brown leaves fall
burnt emotions befriend with unmarked sins
windows lead to Wunn
five loaf writes shopping mall
Penn Square or Woodland Hills Shines
open the pantry door for spring
White fur under Mr. Rylan's chin
let Angelina Jolie paint
Seaside mandala arts win 
Nims street lays near Witchita,
Sam Bullock hosts a party near Newton
Carl Victor rejects burnt fire drill

  photo 80dde9c4-56d8-4206-9e74-c172573a9a7c_zpssqghsox5.jpg
Whirligig 38


some mandala art...  

Saturday, December 12, 2015

blue christmas, six word saturday, and shadow shot sunday

some Christmas blue... 

Almost Got Knocked Out of Microhotel
Six Word Saturday
 My Memory Art six word fridays
Davis Stigler Family Is World Famous

Six Word Fridays ~ Hope

 make visible invisible
  no more visual communication
  current and ghostly emotion


 morning replacing night
nothing else but inner flight to hide
the terrain of white

 curled inside 
far away from noble street
existing file expires

colt ferguson
transforming into yaya's hometown
an angel's dream

Whirl 228


honor roll from Amelia Little of San Jose

many people carry pride,
they work hard,
and they play and serve both intelligent and wise

as the 2015 year of sheep comes to an end,
a ram, a goat, a cock, a dragon, a snake, and
a horse do tic toc toe dance

I walk far and near,
I look north and south,
I find lots of people who impress

here is a list of them from Amelia Little

Sarah Little
Jennette Wilson
Mario Chambers
Jenifer Chambers
David Chun
Stephen Miller
Kaitlyn Altman
Jefferson Bryant
Gina Noble
Valden Hargis
Mary Burns
Ann Hargis
Patricia Young
Tyrek Young
Theresa Burke
Abby Kelly
Jim Hill
Amy Loper
Frank Wang
Emily Wang
Judy Blume
Todd Holm
Katie Hickerson
Stephan Wilson
Ammie Bryant
Nancy Fried
Rob Woods
Bob Moore
Bob Baker
Mervs Grifin
Dick Peterson