Monday, May 21, 2012

Self Image

Simply having stopped
thinking of my age.
Irreducible factors,
Ragged waves in blue sky.
So much unspeakable silence
to be filled with life.
So many buried words
to be given meaning and power.
The consolation of colors,
The preservation of trees.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bangladesh = Bass owners + Band Conductors + Shenyang City+ Mingfa Wang + Chuanxian Peng + Lads +Sasha + First Ladies + Irish People + Sergio Verdu

According to Yahoo on Good Morning,
America at ABC news, Hillary Clinton
shot down, that she's running
for president in 2016.
And she (gasp) appeared natural
during an official event in Bangladesh.
"Hillary Au Naturale" screamed
the Drudge Report headline,
with a photo of the secretary state
wearing glasses, loose hair,
and a little lipstick.

Image Credit: on Bangladesh, Hillary Clinton....