Saturday, March 31, 2012

Positive VS Punishment: I Choose Not To Punish kids for Their Faults...

Tom attended OSU child development lab
after spending one year at Stillwater
Christian church daycare, the lab
has good curriculum for kids to explore,
and learn, lovely playground in the back.
One thing Jingle learned is that:
Punishment is not the way to educate kids,
the shift of attention
makes the case easier to handle.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Maryland (Morning Land): The Unstoppable Oriole Making Everyone's Mornings Grand!

Maryland is a lovely land
that reminds one of Morning,
with rising sun and refreshed spirits,
The place soars high and illustrates
its charming beauty in unstoppable grace.
Food and Wine Festivals, Alpha Phi,
Dancing, Swimming, and biking fill
citizens of Maryland with enthusiasms
and hope, Baltimore, University of Maryland,
Please keep flying like Orioles!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012 Way To Go!!!

Jingle dared not to try self-publishing
until she read an article from blog,
it says clearly: free upload, only pays for
distributions if one chooses to...
Thus, Jingle tried it, is very impressive...
publishing at is best way to
showcase of one's work in instant manner.
way to go!

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Beijing Traffic and Transportation University: Thanks For Taking Shawn Peng Flying!

After his graduation from Kunming University
of Science and Technology, Shawn attended
Beijing JiaTong (Traffic and Transportation)
University for his Master's degree,
The campus is located at Downtown Beijing,
Jingle visited the university
in 1988 as a friend to a student
who's from hometown,
Shawn visited Sister Suzy weekly
who lives in the same city.

Image Credit:, Beijing JiaoTong University. Beijing, China

MingRong Rao: Hope All Is Well!

Rao and Jingle got to know each other when
they were in 7th grade, many girls got
bad luck and were forced to quit schooling,
Rao had clear head and caring nature, she
became Jingle's new favorite and trusted
friend, Rao attended a college at Wuhan in 1988,
then they lost contact...Blessings to Rao!

 Jingle's imagery image at 14

MingRong Rao's imagery image, at age 14,
RaoChang Middle School, Tianmen County, Hubei Province...
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To Yongshun and Yongtao Yan: Best Wishes for Your Future Efforts!


Cousins showing support to Jingle are:
ForeverLucky (Yongshun Yan), from Jiangshu
Industrial University, and got a Job at Shashi city,
ForeverPeach (Yongtao Yan) made it to
Wuhan University, which is best university  in Hubei,
got a Job at YiChang city,
Jingle has no communications with either cousins
besides face to face hello when they met.

 Image Credit: Wuhan University, and Jiangshu Industrial University..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Emma Watson: The Unreachable Princess to Harry Potter!

Image Credit:, Emma Watson

Jingle watched all of the Harry Potter
movies, love character acted by Emma Watson,
Latest time watching it, she seems falling
in love with Harry Potter, yet her emotions
for Harry's friend always block her
from moving on, so although She has spent
lots of time alone with Harry, they never
actually develop a relationship.

Dr. Tao Li: A Talented Scholar at Boston College!

Associate Professor at Boston College,
Ph.D. of California Institute of Technology,
Dr. Tao Li is a talented scholar,
He was Jingle's first math instructor
at Oklahoma State University,
Dr. Li gives very clear
explanations of Linear Algebra,
and usually, he would draw some graphs
to showcase his topology skills
as an off topic treat.

 Image Credit:, Top: Dr. Tao Li, Bottom: Boston College!