Sunday, May 1, 2016

new york, austin, Fredericksburg, los angeles, new haven, wasilla, colorado springs, cheyenne, henderson, princeton, and albuqueque

short story slam week 43
poetry rally week 83

for some reason,
Liz Lempert promises some book lovers

Liz's words count as a backbone,
that is why we intend to list some of our friendly zones

first, we praise new york city, central park, time square, public libraries,
we know that Bill William Raun, Chris Raun, Ann Blair, Joel Stein, and Anthony Marx rock

secondly, we shift our eyes to Austin, Texas, and Fort Worth, Texas
we relate to Lyndon Johnson presidential library, with Mark Updegrove, Theresa Burke

Simpson Library at University of Mary Washington is cool,
Fredericksburg, VA sings soft love to Christie Glancy, Lisa Glancy, Laura Bush

University of Southern California is great on Trousdate Parkway,
Los Angeles, Hollywood, yeah! Catherine Quinlan, Brad Pitt, Megan Thiefing...Lucy Mays

Yale University has 4 Bristol Street address,
New Haven city shines through light via Susan Gibbson, Dannel Marlloy, Terry McAuliffer

how about Alaska and Wasilla city?
i could not feel awesome unless i make peace with Sarah Palin, Sheeran Marie Palin, Todd Palin

next, we get to know Jerry Yang, Jerry Bona, and Jerry Brown,
do greet Bill Walker, Bert Cottle, John Hickenlooper, Gary Herbert, Thomas Boone Pickens

Madeline Pickens is strong,
her voice is good for Seth Long,

Robin bird flies west bound,
her eyes fixes on Lynn Proctor, who resides Colorado Springs, near Cheyenne Mountain

Laura Block works at Laramie County Library,
her pick of books carries Wyoming song, remember Matt Mead, Francis Warren, Jim Geringer

So many folks take action on creativity and book promotion,
nutrition rises higher ground due to your devotion

so, we add more energy,
mention David Offensend, Mary Lee Kennedy, Ann Thornton, Anne Coriston, Jeff Poth,

thanks go to George Mihaltso, Ken Weise, Louise Shea, Jennifer Zashow, Matt Moffett,
Coleman Mayes Michelle, Jason Gay, Hong Tran, Florence Henderson, John Lindsay

at last, I sit at the lunge drinking Long Jin tea,
thinking of Stephen Schwarzman, Lindsay Miller-Escarfuller, Richard Berry, Julia Wright

George Warren Brown school of social library at Wu Saint Louis is fine,
Forsyth, Hoyt, Brookings, Firestone Memorial Library, Washington Road, Princeton, Fine Hall

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