Sunday, February 22, 2015

the wander

I'm an arm you are an arm
what's the reason you wish to do me harm
I can't wave to my friends anymore.
with you detecting my every single move
i feel like a caged bird
and my voice won't travel long enough to be heard.
where am I then?
after all everyone is confused
who is who or who does that,
the audience refuses to admit the power of a baseball bat.
can you understand me/
i still see you grow
even if we live at a chicken's coop,
I will let the rooster crow
so that we can
switch the gears
to have a better point of view.

Poetry Pantry #240

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Free Verse: Cadence

you see,
open mindedness is more of the practice
of civilization, the core of their fortitude,
enabling it full of the swing set,
and Victor beyond those
who assume tyranny or belief to inflict.
I observe
patience is not enough when religion
rules the orientation of the followers
it's the knowledge of the nature
of the pastors under umbrella of
the Bible that impacts options of actions
scientific facts do speak
to win the Saints.