Saturday, July 20, 2013

Poem To A Redskin


Microsoft=Wei Ran


In the roseate evening of your birdy tweet,
the sunset amber-glows leak
In the roseate evening of your wandering feet,
In the sun tanned words you speak.
In the roseate evening of your hidden thoughts,
that cook on gas stove of butterfly wings,
In the roseat evening of worn quilt
that once warms your cold heart strings.
In the roseate evening of repeated walks,
that trace the past with sweetened favors.
In the roseate evening of lightened talks,
that shorten distance in between forever.
I just wished that the Roseate color
upgrade the Redskinned Kenwood park, a lot.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

No Longer By RiikaInfinityy

Once dreamed of a fairytale
happily ever after
with the one
you ever truly love
yet all the good things
come to an end
when you least expected it
The world has made its move
The verdict is clear now
There is no happily ever after
There is only coldness lingering
within the heart of the dark one
Accept it wholeheartedly
Survive and you will live to see the
truth of the world
Die with it
and may peace eventually find you
for your soul
has already rest while
it is still