Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ronnie Winniam Anderson's Peace-Warning

Ronnie Anderson skips Firestone Express,
Landing at Kwik Kar Lube & Oil Service.
Eyes on TV,
Thoughts on UWE,
Matt Goen wants high Mileage charge for additional $10,
Ronnie agrees to pay $24.99 so that Jeff Wright, Megan Quinn, Travis Reed feel fabulous.
Once the oil change service is done,
we stop by Burger King for Teriyaki chicken whopper fun,
Murphy USA nearby is good for fuel,
Driving with Confidence Fort James is kool.
A morning is gone,
Emily Cain, Christian Anderson calls me on the phone,
We're upset that Arzelar Leming feels brave
and finds a way to respond to Winniam's peace-warning.
Michael & Ann Greenwood,
Sherman E Smith,
Boone Thomas Pickens,
Edward Johnson and Theta Pond goose or ducks.
Time to walk cross Ranch Club dinning
and leave student union Atherton hotel,
in order for Ann and Burns Hargis to have fun at University Store
and create something interesting at Jim Halligan's  fame hall.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ed Schmidt At Manhattan Novelist Lists

lots of aspiring poets,
they write and post,
they publish and sell,
they speak of poetic skills
and promote love, passion, nutrition, peace, and creativity.

let's name some
to make them appear awesome:

Warren Fine
Linda Gredd
Stephen Dunn
David Ray
David Allan Evans
Jane Wayne
Robert Bly
Bobby Kerr
Ken Handsen
Thea Kuticka
Gerald Costanzo
Donald Finkel
Ed Schmidt
Gray Bun
Mary Oliver
Kay Ryan