Saturday, January 14, 2017

a poem by rusty t-boon and riika roxanne

Poems that cannot give in

Poems are my blood
Poems are my skin lotion
Poems are my oxygen
Poems are my loyal friend

When a poem speaks
A thought lets out,
And breathe air
To keep lungs, kidneys, and hearts updated

Poems love Lee Williamson and Amy Anelling,
Poems make friend with Nick Goliner, Ellen Schaft
Poems travel to Beijing and hear Gissing Liu and Adrian Sandiford
Poems knock doors at UPEnn and Goshen college

A poem is a bird
A poem is a fish
A poem swim and flies
A poem talks and tickles

Poems date Owen Peng, Linda Zhang, Shadow Gui, Emily Gao,
Poems scream at noisy classrooms
They try to obtain attention of Justin Sun, Elmer Zhao, and Ryan Frankel
Poems rest when Ma Shiping, Bei Xiao, Kyla Zhang, and Fan Meihua finds joy

Emily Dickson and Thomas Wentgoworth
Rusty Stein and Patrick Quinn,
Uwe Gordon and Frank YHwang
They all use poems as their way of languages

Friday, December 2, 2016

so, when spring flower blooms, where is Phoenix of Lillywood? shortstoryslam week 58

so, when spring flower blooms,
where is Phoenix of Lillywood?
who is the one using a red phone?
Is Hannah and Mary happy in melting snowfield?
why does Alex Zhu persist San Francisco technology?
how does Firefox obtain Microsoft?
why we shall continue supporting Wikipedia and Google?
why Northwestern University remain high on Yahoo and Pepsi?
how does Apple computer made to lift up Steve Jobs' relatives?

poetry seems distant
poems won't make sense
but we do appreciate poets, who write stories,
they could be Kevin, Robert Browning, Jingle,
Abhilaaj, AP Taylor, Simon Guest, Danseg,
Tptampearce, Louis MacNeice, Leonard,
Tiffany, Marla, Barron, Ivanka, Eric, Aime, Abbey,
Kushner, Zelnickova, Rubicondi, John, Emily,

the tide turns,
we could get overwhelmed
we persist creative juice
promoting Ann, Burns, Roxanne, Larry, Sheryl, Mark,
Jack, Megan, Stan, Viktor, Amalija, Knavs, Maples,
Bryant, Blaque, Shail, Bananaz, Lynnauma, Uma, AB Thomas,
Jennifer, Sasha, Malia, Jenna, Barbara, Chelsea, Catie, Kora-Leah

 Image result for alfred nobel   
Image result for alfred nobel 

Image result for university of Chicago physics 

Image result for university of Chicago physics  young kee kim

Image result for university of Chicago physics  mike nolan

Image result for university of Chicago physics 

Image result for university of Chicago physics  Hope Bretscher
Related image  Rebecca Diamond

   Angela Olinto

university of chicago magazine

university of Chicago magazine,
featuring --
Epic Beginnings,
Odyssey scholarship,

Sean Dickson
Liliana Zaragoza
Rebeca Carrillo
Chioe Glispie
Griffin Cox
Ayesha Ash Siddiqui

when people get motivated,
things change around,
Big thinker discovered by Mary Abowd,
Nobelist James Cronin
a name printed by Alfred Nobel prise committee in physics
what w oh

sociology creatures,
penguinn press
David Grasian, Carrie Golus,
they zoom on in Zoology,
their research is focused and reported, favorably
besides the rise of Donald Trump, George Bush, and Sarah Palin

beyond borders are Susie Allen,
Olufunmilayo Olopade,
John Zichm
Michelle Obama,
Claire Hoffman...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

short story slam week 56, 57, passport, and thanksgiving

 Image result for alissa schapiro     Morton Schapiro and Barack Obama
Peng Siyuan and Xu  Zuo

Image result for alissa schapiro  Jayne HaN

Image result for alisa schapiro  aLISA wYATT
Image result for WARREN BUFFETT  Sheldon Bufett

Image result for bienen school of music               

Image result for sun yat sen university 

Image result for yunnan university

Image result for mccormick school of engineering 

Image result for zhuhai

I pretend
Julio Mario Ottino is Heavenly Considerate

when Jian Cao and Honglan Sun are in,
they feel good about their home town Sun Tan lakeview

About Morton Owen Schapiro,
it seems like he loves Tang Caizhi, Shuai Xiude, Peng Linlin, and Peng Yuanzhen

a far sighted Crane,
Owen and Mimi support a full house of Mian Yang clans

Peng SiYuan, Peng Zhenghuang, Peng Zai Er, Peng Yuanxi, and Peng Lunli,
they are strong army of friendship, and wisdom

Thanks to Alissa Schapiro and her parents,
Harvard School does adores Matt Schapiro and Rachel Schapiro

Alicia, and Trujill, plus James Kushner, Joseph Kushner, Avaabble Kushner,
they all know Lu Xun, Peng Song Er, Peng Hou Song, Peng Hounian, and Mo Yan

Northwest University,
Peking University, Chinese Academy of Science,

Miao Changxin, Bie Changjiang, Bie Aizhong, Huang Wenfan,
they do back up to Bie Yuejing, Bie Mama, Bie Xinzhi, Bie Chang E, Bie Jingping


too much fame
I do adore Yan Ju Er, Peng Zhong Qiang, Xu Wenjia, Yang shangkun, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang

also, Tang Huanxi, Tang Jiezhong, Tang Sheng, Song Yike, Shui Yidi, Dan Yimu,
they all quit wining, but learning

from Gao Er Ji, Cao Xue Qing, Lao She, Ha Jin, Mao Dun, Zhu Zhi Qing, Mie Er Yan,
they agree to rise, along with Wu Lifu,  Yuan Kong, Diao Deyi, Guan Mucun, and Song Dandan

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

short story slam week 55, news hunt and art searching

Image result for rochester institute of technology 

rochester institute of technology

Image result for rochester institute of technology   

Image result for rochester institute of technology 
Image result for rochester institute of technology 
Image result for rochester institute of technology 

rochester institute of technology
wollaroc museum & wildlife preserve

Chuck's and Williamson,
Hamburg and Jamestown

Le Roy and Syracuse University,
Binghamton and Corning,

the Wallace center at RIT is profound,
new york state and Cornell University do adore Furong Deng, Elizabeth Garrett

Singapore (Xin Jia Po) has dozens of Zika cases,
Virus is enemy to P. R. Venrat, James Hoorway features Myanmar (Mian Dian)

how about Europeans?
Italy and Pope II jumps on Eric Sylvers and Deborah Ball computer screen

Spanish leader nods at Richard Boudreaux
German Angela Merkel meets with Zeke Turner, and Tom Fairless

a morning is ruined by a young voice
she thinsk of me as a retired tiger

I disagree that there shall be any shortcuts,
I know Larry resides at Crowne, Hyatt, and Ok Aquarrium

when Hillford and Emily think of Jenks,
we know Oaktree and San FRancisco decide to follow the path

Image result for hyatt place 

Image result for crowne plaza 
Image result for oklahoma aquarium 
Image result for oklahoma aquarium
Image result for branson magical show 

Image result for that 70s show  Donna and Eric