Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Bunny Hopping

why not join me for the thing
while our inner thoughts do bunny hopping-
thin, thin, thin,
close your eyes,
now, go on hiding
in the rain,
we will get wet
and have a flu
then we will stay in bed
and drink ginger soup for a cure
your face is blue,
your fingers are numb,
you dream of kung fu,
instead you end up eating lots of soft tofu.

Monday, January 26, 2015

the hyatt place

nestled on Zurich avenue between 71st and Yale,
the Hyatt Place sings
in soft purple lyrics tone,
It stares at Seattle cheerleaders
with sheepish glances,
the Hyatt Place will stay hot
as a fancy traveling spot.

Hyde Park Poetry
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Hyatt Place Logo Vector Hyatt place

Saturday, January 10, 2015

funnies for bunny rabbits

I am completely confused,
I have to confess I'm used,
Anne Wojcicki and Susan Wojcincki,
Wendy Noyle or Eleanor Boyle,
Things go vague,
Christopher Clark and Chuck Reed get up at 5 o'clcok,
Edward Lee refuses to agree,
People shall liter technology...for free
Mark and Jack always are ready to fight,
Eric, Stacy, Liz, Lucinda, and Alison prefer to go on hide,
left turn,
Mountain view in sane,
right turn,
Silicon Valley has soft gel pen.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Walmart or Walgreen

Walmart or Walgreen,
Albolene Cream, Neut RC Face,
Peeler, Cet Cream, Cerave...


Citi, Chase Freedom,
Purchase to Russell Westbrook,
DressBarn of Jersey


Qinlan, Ruby Lin,
Wei Zhao, Xiang Li, Zhiyi Zhang,
Fan Bingbing, Angelina