Tuesday, May 24, 2016

computer engineering from Mid-West city and Chicago

Fresh cookies
well baked by Julio OTtino

$5 Million gifts for Nanoscale Research,
a joint project called SHyNe with UofChicago

Howard Tulman leads a tech trend
how about Data as art showcase?

Graduate Students obtain 13 PHd and 167 Masters in 2016,
Nu former Ceo and chairman at Bell & Howell is famed, see William white

Magdalena Olewinska, Co-op student of the year
Leesha Maliakal, ACM research runner up award winning

Lab notes by Gianluca Cusatis, Yan Chen, Samuel Stupp,
Graphene Balls improve oil's performance via Jane Wang, Yip-Wah Chung, and Jiaxing Huang

McCormick school of engineering faculty awards highlight 12 stars,
smiles spread on face of Mark Hersam, Brenna Argall, Todd Murphey, Elizabeth Gerber, and Chad Mirkin

dark clouds gather
rainy sky litter loose ends of technology strings

from no where, from some thin air,
we meet holly Dou and Stacia Campbell

Dixon Yu develops tool box using graphics,
Scott Pippen and Michael Jackson do high five on Chicago Bull basket gaming near Alissa Schapiro clothpin

Sherman, Church, Norris University Center blogging, Tyler or Megan too,
we rest well thinking of Susan Newman, Karen Danczak Lyons, and Tori Foreman

Geothermal Park,
Blue, White, and Green colors mixing

a moment freezes under Carol Berry, and Judith Remington,
thanks of chirps circulate all around

Julio M. Ottino and William Testa     Julio Ottino

  Elizabeth Foster and Dean Julio Ottino
   Deborah Cundiff stands with Dean Julio M. Ottino.

 Students enjoy a reception for McCormick's inaugural MSiA class. Students enjoy a reception for McCormick's inaugural MSiA class

Thursday, May 12, 2016

the voice from paul sunde, and philip hanlon, dartmouth college

Image result for philip hanlon 

Image result for philip hanlon 

a strange place,
a novel college

if not with tom and abey's appilcation,
ji and jiahong won't know dartmouth and hanover

if not with some parental advise and care from Heaven,
amelia and sheng won't agree to pay attention

if not with google and yahoo,
larry page, eric schmidt, marissa mayer, and jerry yang won't be posted by goce and sahakian

the day is clean, green, and sunny,
paul sunde decides to ask for details of a student so that he takes thomas, knowing kevin well

dartmouth college,
a fresh voice to hear

upon knowing that sam must fill out the form in person, by himself, and carries good attitude,
ruibo li, cynthia brown, rebecca Morris,  frank wang, eric wood, and philip hanlon anticipate

from stillwater, to okc,
from san francisco, to hanover, birds of wings strength, smiles bloom

a crescent girl, ari wood, aime wood, all knowing,
mark sunde, anita sunde, margaret sunde, marilyn hanlon, robert hanlon, and james hanlon

the emotion goes soft
when ou medical aircraft lifts our mood up to the skyline high near new hampshire state

Image result for ruibo li at ossm 
Image result for ruibo li at ossmImage result for ruibo li at ossm 


Sunday, May 1, 2016

new york, austin, Fredericksburg, los angeles, new haven, wasilla, colorado springs, cheyenne, henderson, princeton, and albuqueque

short story slam week 43
poetry rally week 83

for some reason,
Liz Lempert promises some book lovers

Liz's words count as a backbone,
that is why we intend to list some of our friendly zones

first, we praise new york city, central park, time square, public libraries,
we know that Bill William Raun, Chris Raun, Ann Blair, Joel Stein, and Anthony Marx rock

secondly, we shift our eyes to Austin, Texas, and Fort Worth, Texas
we relate to Lyndon Johnson presidential library, with Mark Updegrove, Theresa Burke

Simpson Library at University of Mary Washington is cool,
Fredericksburg, VA sings soft love to Christie Glancy, Lisa Glancy, Laura Bush

University of Southern California is great on Trousdate Parkway,
Los Angeles, Hollywood, yeah! Catherine Quinlan, Brad Pitt, Megan Thiefing...Lucy Mays

Yale University has 4 Bristol Street address,
New Haven city shines through light via Susan Gibbson, Dannel Marlloy, Terry McAuliffer

how about Alaska and Wasilla city?
i could not feel awesome unless i make peace with Sarah Palin, Sheeran Marie Palin, Todd Palin

next, we get to know Jerry Yang, Jerry Bona, and Jerry Brown,
do greet Bill Walker, Bert Cottle, John Hickenlooper, Gary Herbert, Thomas Boone Pickens

Madeline Pickens is strong,
her voice is good for Seth Long,

Robin bird flies west bound,
her eyes fixes on Lynn Proctor, who resides Colorado Springs, near Cheyenne Mountain

Laura Block works at Laramie County Library,
her pick of books carries Wyoming song, remember Matt Mead, Francis Warren, Jim Geringer

So many folks take action on creativity and book promotion,
nutrition rises higher ground due to your devotion

so, we add more energy,
mention David Offensend, Mary Lee Kennedy, Ann Thornton, Anne Coriston, Jeff Poth,

thanks go to George Mihaltso, Ken Weise, Louise Shea, Jennifer Zashow, Matt Moffett,
Coleman Mayes Michelle, Jason Gay, Hong Tran, Florence Henderson, John Lindsay

at last, I sit at the lunge drinking Long Jin tea,
thinking of Stephen Schwarzman, Lindsay Miller-Escarfuller, Richard Berry, Julia Wright

George Warren Brown school of social library at Wu Saint Louis is fine,
Forsyth, Hoyt, Brookings, Firestone Memorial Library, Washington Road, Princeton, Fine Hall