Monday, February 15, 2016

the story of Abigail gutman, Mira Singer, and Benjamin Apatoff or Rachel apatoff

 Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust | Dallas Morning News

growing up jewish
never agree to be childish

parents are scholars
grandparents are people with higher intelligence

maybe Drew Gilpin disagrees to quit supporting,
but John Harvard and his grand grand lords are still buffing

I am confused about who is the boss,
faculty, husband, wife, children, or thesis advisers?

I decide to write someone else's brief-bio
by posting their names, promote their books

thus, i demand comprehensive judgements,
let all high school seniors fulfill their dreams

because all dreams come from brave applications,
thinking of the academic achievements of  Newton Norman, Josephine, Martha, Nell, Mary

as younger generation evolutes
we shift our eyes on Charles, Brady, Arzela, Francis, Ben, Rachel, Matt, Mira, Derek, Amy, Samuel

let's write down Jeremiah Smith, John Hope Franklin,
Bryn Mawr College, University of michigan, Morgan and Helen Chu

we also opt to honor university of Pennsyvania,
Yale University Law School, New Trier Township high School,

plus, we do state the names of Liberty Kenneally, Dublin, Ann Arbor,
Sacks-Freund Teachng Awardees, Hebrew College, McGill university

when Mira's mom and dad eat at their dinner table,
they always carry pride via university of Toronto, Wheellock College

and William Bill, Martha, Nell, Mary, Rachel, Benjamin may relate
and promote Iranian Human rights documentation and San Francisco

many thanks go to David Bazelon, Dan Little, Frank Wang, William Henry Bloomberg,
Lawrence Summers, Vicent Price, John Paulson Steves, Sameul Gordon, and John Levi