Thursday, February 11, 2016

short story slam week 38: dreams above sea level, a post for Tom Wu, and Neel Rao

short story slam week 38, Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016, Dreams Beyond Rainbow Sky

from Peking, to Tokyo,
All birds fly south to feel the smooth water at San Francisco

from Little Rock, to Hanover,
All fish swim under water to demonstrate their strength in New Mexico

from Dallas, to Fort Worth,
all oilman gather at Oilton, to fuel more energy for Owen Wilson

from Nashville, to El Paso,
all patients join Saint Jude children's research hospital to cure their bad mouth 

Philip Hanlon, Nicholas Zeppos, Janet Napolitano, Nicholas Dirks,
all opt for Berkeley, Mountain View, Silicon Valley for computer science technology

a baby cries for mom's milk,
a cow gives milk to inspire a Chicago bull

Texas long horns stay orange and powerful,
Lawrence Jayhawks remain cool to bridge the gaps between Kansas and New York city

our stories grow rich
when Denise Barry, Carolyn Barry, Amber Strohl, Bill Purcell, and Kara Fuller enrich

wild geese wings,
carp fish freedom

Bing Yin, a Nanchang citizen,
winning approval as Iraq soldier figure, promoting world peace, Steve Wood...

let's travel from Rome to Paris,
let's dance marathon all over Berlin, Frankford, Los Angeles, Boston, and Ripley


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Lakshmi Pichai ||  Regunatha Pichai
             Sandar Pichai
             shelton pichai

Sandar Pichai  ||  Anjali Pichai
              Ford Pichai
              Matt Pichai

Megan Barry ||  Bruce Barry
         Maxwell Barry

Philip Hanlon || Gail Hanlon
      Michael Hanlon
      Patrick Hanlon
      Maureen Hanlon

Zhiyuan Yang ||  Yongcui Yan
            Fei Yang

Shihe Liu ||  Shuhua Peng
      Vivian Liu