Saturday, January 14, 2017

a poem by rusty t-boon and riika roxanne

Poems that cannot give in

Poems are my blood
Poems are my skin lotion
Poems are my oxygen
Poems are my loyal friend

When a poem speaks
A thought lets out,
And breathe air
To keep lungs, kidneys, and hearts updated

Poems love Lee Williamson and Amy Anelling,
Poems make friend with Nick Goliner, Ellen Schaft
Poems travel to Beijing and hear Gissing Liu and Adrian Sandiford
Poems knock doors at UPEnn and Goshen college

A poem is a bird
A poem is a fish
A poem swim and flies
A poem talks and tickles

Poems date Owen Peng, Linda Zhang, Shadow Gui, Emily Gao,
Poems scream at noisy classrooms
They try to obtain attention of Justin Sun, Elmer Zhao, and Ryan Frankel
Poems rest when Ma Shiping, Bei Xiao, Kyla Zhang, and Fan Meihua finds joy

Emily Dickson and Thomas Wentgoworth
Rusty Stein and Patrick Quinn,
Uwe Gordon and Frank YHwang
They all use poems as their way of languages