Saturday, December 12, 2015

honor roll from Amelia Little of San Jose

many people carry pride,
they work hard,
and they play and serve both intelligent and wise

as the 2015 year of sheep comes to an end,
a ram, a goat, a cock, a dragon, a snake, and
a horse do tic toc toe dance

I walk far and near,
I look north and south,
I find lots of people who impress

here is a list of them from Amelia Little

Sarah Little
Jennette Wilson
Mario Chambers
Jenifer Chambers
David Chun
Stephen Miller
Kaitlyn Altman
Jefferson Bryant
Gina Noble
Valden Hargis
Mary Burns
Ann Hargis
Patricia Young
Tyrek Young
Theresa Burke
Abby Kelly
Jim Hill
Amy Loper
Frank Wang
Emily Wang
Judy Blume
Todd Holm
Katie Hickerson
Stephan Wilson
Ammie Bryant
Nancy Fried
Rob Woods
Bob Moore
Bob Baker
Mervs Grifin
Dick Peterson 

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