Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Christmas in the Haunted House!! by Gareth Barsby

Chapter 1

It was December the first in the uncanny country of the apparitions and spirits and in a old-fashioned, crumpling mansion-house, coffins creaked leisurely in a room with pictures of famous people, cobwebs and Christmas trees.

The things in the coffins were the skilful spirits society. Now, the skilful spirits society weren't the kind of ghosts you'd see in Halloween.

Put it this way. If you made a chart of how many specters came out at Halloween, you'll never have had the skilful spirits society. These are the species of ghosts who come out at Christmas which included Sam Smart, Gary the graveyard guardian, Wilbur the wraith, Percy the pumpkin and Bill the bogyman.

These were sharp-witted phantoms which were the only ones to talk and were marvelous to any ghost in the universe. That day, the phantoms had a scheme. "Let's plan a Christmas party for our phantasm pals. "Wilbur cried.

"But how," moaned Gary. "Loads of ghosts adore Halloween greater than Christmas." What could they do?

Chapter 2

"We need amusement! Music! Superior stuff! Ahem!" Bill cried out. "Fabulous idea! That's what we need! And we know who has it!" Therefore, the specters went to the nation of oddities and weirdoes to see the head with the taste of recreation, Darren the dragon!

He was watching the news when the skilful spirits society scurried straight through the wall of his home. "Well, well, if it isn't the skilful spirits society! What have you come to me for?" "We need a man (or dragon) of entertainment and you're just the thing we need!" explained Sam in an thrilled sort of way. So, at the skilful spirits society's house, Sam was explaining to Darren what they needed him for.

Chapter 3

"Why did the cricket team give up cricket? Dracula took all the bats!" Darren was practicing his distraction after the talk. Then, he sang MONSTER MASH two times and even played uncanny melodies on a organ. "Superb! Superb!" cried Wilbur.

"You better watch out. You better cry. You better shout. I'm telling you why. The specters and phantoms...are here!" sang Darren. Sam and his mates clapped very loud. "We're spooky ghosts in the phantom worrrrrrld. We're real, not plastic. Dracula's fantastic!" chanted Darren. "You're a dragon of entertainment, all right!" said Wilbur, in a "That was marvelous "voice. "Listen," exclaimed Darren. Then he sang, "Jingle bells, the swamp monster smells.

The vampire bats are here. The eerie ghosts are having a huge host with monsters with pointed ears. "Couldn't be better!" said Percy.

Chapter 4

Darren's music went on and on. It was so good that the skilful spirits society made a disco. The other phantoms of the world heard the great music. The ghosts bolted to the house of the skilful spirits society. Then, Darren saw all the guests and let them do the cha-cha and did the organ tunes. Before long,
Darren said, "Alright, do the sea monster dance." Ever heard of the sea monster dance? It's like the conga but it has ghosts and monsters. Darren's music has only been heard in December but it was too scary to be in the music library. He could muddle words too.

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