Thursday, June 25, 2015

my wildcat ride

on my way to Wichita,
I have Newkirk Jiffy Lube coffee brewing,
Through the long drive cross Ponca,
Golden Coral buffet is something refreshing.
I hear Obama cry for excitement,
I hear Chelsea and Hillary speak of improvement,
It seems like Pam, Patricia, Hongyu, Jiahong, and Perry are considering,
My car keeps in 75 miles per hour motion until Topeka.
Before I hit Baymont motel,
I walk from Kansas to Missouri, Dillon shop of Maryville,
The SinClair gas has Ocean spray orange juice,
But Break Time Gas and Shell fuel are what I choose.
Des Moines is way to cool,
So does Dubuque University pool,
Baker University sounds Boo,
Ames, Normal, Muskogee, Pierce, and Joplin, Iowa is fine with Kum & Go.
Once I stop,
I feel the car engine oil pop,
which givs me cold cheer
since I cannot afford to stock at nowhere.
Another day,
I continue to Wisconsin, Madison,
then Oconomowoc, Oconto, Oconto Falls and Stein Garden,
My wildcat ride includes Kenosha, Sherman,  Bagwell, Woodbine, North Brook,
Chicago, Morton Grove, Timberwood, Haworth, Ben Lomond, and Evanston.

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