Sunday, February 22, 2015

the wander

I'm an arm you are an arm
what's the reason you wish to do me harm
I can't wave to my friends anymore.
with you detecting my every single move
i feel like a caged bird
and my voice won't travel long enough to be heard.
where am I then?
after all everyone is confused
who is who or who does that,
the audience refuses to admit the power of a baseball bat.
can you understand me/
i still see you grow
even if we live at a chicken's coop,
I will let the rooster crow
so that we can
switch the gears
to have a better point of view.

Poetry Pantry #240


  1. I'm not sure I understand...but I enjoyed your poem. Especially the last two stanzas. I think we would all like a better point of view....

  2. Switching gears and stepping back for a different view are wonderful things to do

  3. Ah, really here is a feeling of 'caged bird' switch gears - a good idea! new point of view :)x ~ Like your witty way with words.

  4. Can feel the tyranny of entrapment, but lightened by your word play.


  5. carefully written piece.
    love the imagery.