Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Bunny Hopping

why not join me for the thing
while our inner thoughts do bunny hopping-
thin, thin, thin,
close your eyes,
now, go on hiding
in the rain,
we will get wet
and have a flu
then we will stay in bed
and drink ginger soup for a cure
your face is blue,
your fingers are numb,
you dream of kung fu,
instead you end up eating lots of soft tofu.


  1. Very cool and the next time I get sick I will remember to try ginger soup!

  2. a winter blue is affective in many ways.
    fun verse.

  3. it seems like a clue to part of us when we need to shake off worries and connect to miracles.

  4. love the word flow...
    beautiful verse.

  5. childish and innocent thoughts.