Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Chris, Sheng, Tom, and Mom On July 24TH, 2012

Just come back from Boomer Lake walk with Tom,
He has his cool camera hanging around his neck,
He walks along with mom,
Taking photo shots along the way...
"I miss Sheng",
He has been honest without pretending,
"Where did you and Sheng run to the other morning?"
"We run all the way to Stillwater Public Library,
and both of us have done it non-stop, it's a five
mile run ...Sheng is cool and he will be ready for
Half Marathon this Fall..."
Dusk falls the lake,
People walk their dogs,
some are running,
waves in the lake glitter among swimming ducks,
The air is cool with no clouds above,
what a relaxing July treatment...
No rain for weeks,
Lawns are turning brown,
Orchards become dry
and grapes have changed their colors,
Tom and Mom finish their conversation
within 55 minutes, they drive home,
bitterish feelings is replaced with
inner satisfaction, tomorrow,
Tom may take a walk with Mom
at a different location,
He simply loves nature,
and feels so proud of himself today
by fixing Chris Raun's computer at home,
it's his pleasure to help for being a real friend.


 Image Credit: Google.com

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  1. It has been a lovely day today...

    Glad to share such a profound story.