Thursday, March 15, 2012

To Yongshun and Yongtao Yan: Best Wishes for Your Future Efforts!


Cousins showing support to Jingle are:
ForeverLucky (Yongshun Yan), from Jiangshu
Industrial University, and got a Job at Shashi city,
ForeverPeach (Yongtao Yan) made it to
Wuhan University, which is best university  in Hubei,
got a Job at YiChang city,
Jingle has no communications with either cousins
besides face to face hello when they met.

 Image Credit: Wuhan University, and Jiangshu Industrial University..


  1. Although Jingle does not communicate with her cousins,
    she does care for them...
    Yongshun Yan spent time talking to Jingle about issues when Jingle visited their home in 1985, Yongtao is a guy, he visited Jingle's home during new year's celebrations, yet Jingle simply waved hello, that's it, he married instantly after graduation to someone Jingle never met, blessings.

    bless your children too.

    hope all is well, take good sorry to hear about your parents through mother...

  2. sweet tribe.

    you all share the same grandpa and grandmother, so it is about blood.